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The Daily Wave: Revenge Will Be Mine!

The turning point early in the season was against the LA Galaxy. Why this weeks match is a must win and why the Rapids need revenge more then Pablo Mastroeni.


The last contest between the Colorado Rapids and LA Galaxy was a turning point in the Rapids Season. Colorado was winless on the season and last place in the Western Conference. Captain Drew Moor was red-carded for a dumb mistake by elbowing Marco Sarvas. Clint Irwin stopped Colorado from being embarrassed in his first full 90 for the club. After this Colorado went 5-4-1 in the next ten games. Pablo Mastroeni limped off the field in what was one of his last appearances for the club. Pablo started last week for the Gals in place of Robbie Rogers and it looks like he will start against the Rapids at DSG Park this weekend.

Every loss on the Rapids season has been avenged by a better effort and a result against the same opponent, except for the Philadelphia Union debacle, who the Rapids will not play again, and the Galaxy. This means to me that the Rapids can make good scouting adjustments especially after seeing a team in person. I watched the pre-season game in Las Vegas where the Rapids got out-classed and then Oscar Pareja made the moves to make the Chivas bosses see enough of Chelis. Who is almost as fun to watch as Mario Ballotelli from a purely entertaining stand point. You don't know what they will do at anytime. They can be brilliant or a horrible mess. They're the ultimate bi-polar quandry in soccer and a pleasure to watch. So I have faith that Pareja can make the moves to get the Rapids a result this weekend. Colorado needs some revenge for their effort in late March.

Saturday will also be Pablo's first game back at DSG Park since being traded to LA. Obviously he will always be the captain to me and most Rapids fans but he will want to win badly. He asked out of Colorado. With the super competitive nature of professional athletes this should make this Saturdays game have that extra edge. I'll cheer him before and after the game. But during the game he will be the enemy. I would have booed Joe Sakic or John Elway had they left and came back. Pablo is in that level of Colorado professional athletes to me and shall be treated as such. But on Saturday Pablo playing for the New York Cosmos knock-off team he will be booed.

With the Rapids having played at least one more game than the entire league and currently outside of the playoff picture every match is that much more important. With a win and a RSL loss to the NY Red Bull this weekend the match on August 3rd will be for more than the Rocky Mountain Cup. It will be for first place in the Western Conference. The Rapids have already demonstrated that they can compete with Salt Lake City. Now to prove to the defending champions the Rapids are a dangerous team in the MLS. The Rapids will have their revenge and it will be sweet.