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Colorado Rapids 1 Seattle Sounders 1 - What Ho, A Result!

For the first time ever, the Rapids managed to snag a point at CenturyLink Field in a completely ugly 1-1 match against the Sounders.


Colorado had never come into CenturyLink Field and taken one point, let alone three, prior to Saturday. On Saturday, they turned that streak on its head by scratching and clawing their way to a road point against a desperate but injured Seattle Sounders squad.

To say that it was ugly would be an understatement. The game was chippy from the start and only got worse as the minutes ticked along. Seattle were in desperation mode to score a goal and get the points at the get go, and had the better of the Rapids in the first 10 minutes of play. Fortunately, a fine defensive performance held them out until halftime.

Their hopes were given a knock when Drew Moor scored on a corner kick from Nick Labrocca after the restart, which immediately followed a substitute that saw Edson Buddle come in for a struggling Dillon Powers. It was Labrocca's first real solid play of the match, making up for a first half performance that saw him and Atiba Harris completely overwhelmed by the Seattle defense. (Harris never found a play to make up for his absurdly bad performance, which lasted the full 90.)

After getting scored on, Seattle turned it up to 11 again and started barraging the Rapids net with chances. Eventually, it worked out as Shane O'Neill lost Deandre Yedlin in the box, which allowed him to get a running shot that Clint Irwin saved as well as a rebound which was headed in as Irwin laid in the net.

It was back and forth after that, but Seattle decided to turn the gas to high one more time in the final 10 minutes of the game. It was only a stop off the line by Drew Moor and a batch of good headers and dumps from Hendry Thomas and German Mera that kept the point. The important thing, of course, is that the point was kept.

It wasn't pretty at all, but there likely won't be any complaints from the Rapids side of things as they improve their unbeaten streak to five and knock off one of Seattle's many games in hand with a less-than-stellar result in their eyes.