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DC United Acquire Rapids Target Conor Doyle

Derby County's Conor Doyle was going to be a Rapid, but MLS rules have instead shipped him off to DC United.

Ned Dishman

Conor Doyle was going to be picked up by the Rapids on loan, until MLS stuck themselves into the deal. Instead, a weighted lottery, which the Rapids were ineligible to enter because of a certain Cameroonian who may or may not actually exist, sent him off to DC United.

We spoke yesterday of Doyle perhaps being held hostage by whatever the other team was in the scenario, since the Rapids wanted him, but Chris Bianchi has reported that isn't going to be the case after all:

So, Doyle is in DC and the Rapids will instead be looking for a long-term answer up top rather than a youthful loanee that will last only the latter half of this season. Probably the smart thing to do for the Rapids, in retrospect.


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