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Colorado Rapids vs. New England Revolution: Man Of The Match

Who was the best player for the Rapids in that 2-1 win last night over the Revolution?


Colorado had a solid 2-1 victory, featuring one of the best second halves I've seen an Oscar Pareja team play, on Wednesday night. Who was the Man of the Match, though? I'll throw three names into the hat this time around, feel free to offer any other contenders in the comments section below:

Nick Labrocca: I honestly thought that Labrocca had one of the worse first halves on the field by a Rapid, but he more than made up for it by going Beast Mode in the second. Didn't just score the goal, but created a few chances for others and hit the post on a beauty of a blind flick. Great to see him getting back into the groove.

Dillon Powers: Not only did he have the assist on the goal for Labrocca, but he was ever-present on the ball all evening. He was second only to Sturgis on the Rapids in 'events' on the OPTA Chalkboard, and it didn't hurt that he pulled a rabbit out of his hat on that low, hard cross that Jose Goncalves put into his own net, either. In a battle of Rookie of the Year candidates between him and Andrew Ferrell, he made a heck of an impression.

Nathan Sturgis: I was worried when they brought off Hendry Thomas in the second half -- Thomas, by the way, had another immaculate performance in the passing game during his one half of play -- because I figured that the possession in the midfield might start to dry up. Turns out, it only spurred Nathan Sturgis on to do even better. Combining well with Powers, he put together another one of those amazing complete games we've seen so many times from him this year.

So, who was your Man of the Match?