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Colorado Rapids Thugcast, Episode 42: Dumb Luck, Doyle And Dread

A win over New England, a loss for Conor Doyle and some anticipation of both happiness and dread for the upcoming Seattle game highlight this week's Thugcast.

If you hadn't heard, I moved to Florida last week! As such, we were unable to get together and do a Thugcast for the past two weeks, but I'm something resembling settled in now and I'm prepared to get thuggy once again on Blog Talk Radio!

And oh boy, we have all sorts of stuff to talk about from the last two weeks of build-up. That includes the Revs game yesterday, of course.

It's worth mentioning as well that I made an appearance on Sounder At Heart's podcast Nos Audietis earlier this week, talking to Jeremiah Oshan about the game against the Sounders on Saturday. Take a listen to that as well for some good Sounders talk. (And if you really enjoy hearing me ramble that much.)

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