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What Would You Give Up For Derby County's Conor Doyle?

It seems likely that the Rapids are going to be forced into some sort of trade if they want to pick up Conor Doyle, thanks to the always-fun MLS red tape that goes into every transfer. How much is he worth, though?

There aren't any pictures of Doyle in our archives, so enjoy this shot of Jermaine Easter probably missing the net instead!
There aren't any pictures of Doyle in our archives, so enjoy this shot of Jermaine Easter probably missing the net instead!
Tom Dulat

It was reported a while back by a few sources, the Rapids themselves included, that they were looking at Derby County striker Conor Doyle for a loan move. It's a sensible move logistically -- Colorado and Derby have been working on a relationship for a while, and making a loan move between the two would make perfect sense and grow that relationship.

Doyle has struggled to find the first team for Derby in his time there, but it has usually been more about injuries and better (often non-American) options than it has about any lack of talent on Conor's part. It's doubtful that it would be a bad move to add another young American with potential into the structure of the club, especially since him blossoming could both help his stuttering US International career and help the Rapids finally put some damn goals on the board.

So, how much is he worth? According to The Terrace Blog, the Rapids won't be able to pick him up outright as was originally hoped, because MLS has decided to stick their clownshoes into the deal. Before anyone can pick him up outright, he'll need to go through both a Waiver Draft and/or a lottery, the latter of which the Rapids will be ineligible for because of Charles Eloundou. (MLS has made no comment of how bad they screwed that one up and won't give the Rapids their lottery spot back, of course.)

That in mind, it's easy to predict another team swiping him up and holding him hostage so that the Rapids are forced to pay up.

Is he worth giving up a player for? A second-round draft pick? A first-round draft pick? Remember, this is only a loan deal we're talking about here, is it worth giving up anything at all to get a somewhat unproven guy for just under half of a season, even if there is the remote possibility that he'll eventually sign for the team?

What do you say, do you give up anything for Conor Doyle or do you let him get sucked into the MLS Waiver drafts and lotteries with the hopes that he'll come out unscathed?


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