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The Daily Wave: Who Cares About The All-Star Game?

The MLS All-Star game feels like a pre-season game. That's exactly what it is to the opponent. So why should we care about the game? Who does the game benefit?

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Drew Hallowell

The MLS All-Star game is nothing more than an exhibition game. What is the point of exhibition games? Who does the All-Star game actually benefit? Should Colorado Rapids fans be offended that none of their players were selected? I can sum this up by saying that I would rather watch a regular mid-season Tuesday morning Colorado Rapids practice than the "best" MLS players, many who are not from the United States, play a foreign club team.

The highest level of interest I have ever had in the game was the year it was hosted by Colorado Rapids, 2007. The MLS hosted Celtic and won 2-1. It felt very gimmicky then and now. The trophy they give out has to be a slightly more successful cousin to the participation trophy. Where do you think the trophy lives in Manchester United's trophy case? They won twice. (2010-11). I looked for five minutes and had no luck. The game is like the first pre-season game in the NFL. Your stars get a warm-up and a cameo, then hit the showers and joke around the rest of the afternoon. So if that's how seriously they take this, why should I care? Although I imagine if the ageless wonder Francisco Totti has a good game then the rumors will start flying that he can compete in the MLS and look for him in the league in 2014.

The game is like a mid-level college football bowl game. They need all these whales to come to their town and spend some money. It might be tough to sell Roma's traveling supporters on a dog days of summer vacation in land locked and humid Kansas City. Although like the political scandal ridden Fiesta Bowl, the MLS is inviting a team that is no stranger to match fixing and political kickbacks. AS Roma. The group that benefits the most are the local economies due to influx of tourism dollars. Washing down that Kansas City BBQ with some Sierra Mist. I didn't think that drink existed anymore.

The other big deal at least when it comes to the centennial state is that no Rapid made the team. This might break the heart of a ten year old that loves Dillon Powers or DeShorn Brown but it is a good thing for our team who is fighting for a playoff berth. It's a blessing in disguise in that you can't add anyone to the injury report if you don't play in the game. That and having a full week between games will benefit the Rapids who will not have to travel. Three Real Salt Lake players will be in that situation. Not only playing a mid-week game on the road but traveling again to play in the altitude of Colorado. I can hear the excuses from RSL fans already when the Rocky Mountain Cup gloriously returns to it's rightful place.

So I say let them have their little game. The Rapids have bigger fish to fry like getting to the playoffs and taking the Rocky Mountain Cup back.

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