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The Daily Wave: A Quick USMNT Poll

It's late, I'm tired, have a poll!


Watching the Gold Cup, specifically the fact that so many youngsters are getting noticed in the US Men's National Team has me thinking about the futures of this group of Rapids we see. Several of the young guys on the squad are of different origins -- Deshorn Brown being Jamaican, Kevin Harbottle being Chilean -- but there's a handful of very talented Americans getting in here as well.

So, here's a question for you all, because I decided to put off writing this until the last minute: who do you think of this Rapids team will be the first to get a cap with the US Men's National Team? I think we can all agree that it's going to happen at some point for at least one of them -- shit, FOUR Rapids players got called up from the 2010 squad, and this one has tons more potential -- so who will be the first? I don't even mean for an important game, a friendly cap is still a cap!

Dillon Powers is an obvious choice, as is U-20's star Shane O'Neill. Past them, I'll also throw Tony Cascio's name into the ring, as he was being discussed for a spot last year and his form appears to be going back into the black instead of the red after his late winner against Montreal. Clint Irwin, assuming he can continue to grow from the somewhat streaky but very solid keeper we've seen this year into something more, may become another Sean Johnson or Bill Hamid type and get snuck in as well. We've already discussed the possibility of Chris Klute, too.

I'm eschewing Dillon Serna because he has been dropped from U-20's duty and isn't getting minutes on the team, though I have no doubts it will come eventually.

So, who do you think gets that first cap?