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The Daily Wave: The Window Opens

With the transfer window wide open, I ask, should the Rapids make any moves?


A slow start is not always a bad thing depending on the race being run. But, then again, you never know how quickly things around you will move. The future is a place that is always unforeseen, but always predicted. Whether its through subtle thoughts about how one's next day will go, or predictions of epic proportions such as the Mayan calendar or the "visions" of Nostradamus.

That being said, in the MLS, with the transfer window now open, I was expecting teams to break out of the gate pulling in both domestic and international players. But it seems, that rumors are all that exist. Most of these rumors have died, but a few still rummage through the rafters in the minds of some. Diego Forlan seems to be set on joining Toronto FC (though I don't know why). The Brazilian Kaka heading to the Red Bulls is a rumor that has died as well as the rumor that Giovani dos Santos would be heading to the Galaxy.

Either way, those are big name players from three big soccer countries that have considered joining the MLS, which is promising. This means that the transfer window each year will become more and more prominent as world renowned players opt to join America's league. The realization that the MLS can hold that type of prestige is not only exciting, but more and more realistic.

My next question is one that only the Rapids themselves hold the answer to. Will the Rapids, in the near future, acquire one of these players? Maybe not anytime soon, but Colorado is becoming a new destination for young and upcoming players. My one concern is becoming a farm team to other teams around our own league as well as others around the world. So, in my own gracious opinion, Colorado at some point, may have to bring in a world class player to keep these young and upcoming stars stapled here in Commerce City.

Will that be this year? Probably not. But we can entertain the idea that Colorado, with two international spots open, have the option of looking outside of their own playground, yet again, to acquire several players to help finish their season landing playoff contention.

Articles and podcasts have discussed issues that the Rapids continually deal with such as: Finishing! Oh, and finishing, and creativity, but ultimately finishing. With the "As the World Turns" "crappy-type" epilogue-ish soap opera of Charles Eloundou seemingly, at least to me, turning sour, the Rapids must find another option at striker. The inconsistencies of the current players ability to finish is appalling, and that's using a kind term. The talent level of the players on the roster at this very second would prove to be able to score, but haven't been able to. With the Rapids' best "proven" goal scorer in Edson Buddle only having 2 goals all season after scoring 42 goals in 106 matches with the Crew and 42 goals in 87 matches with the Galaxy, I will say, has been a disappointment.

DeShorn Brown shows a ceiling that is inexplicably higher than I ever thought it would be, especially when he is pulled in off of the bench changing the entire pace of the game and catching defenders off guard, but still has issues finding net. Looking at this, we must look at the possibility that the Rapids could be looking for a player that can hunt his way through defenders to find the ball and score. Much like Jaime Castrillon but with better pace and ball handling skills.

My other player might be one that can play wing next to either Martin Rivero or Dillon Powers, and opposite to the aggressive Chris Klute. If you think about a winger next to the creativity of a central attacking midfielder type like Rivero, the Rapids would generate even more chances to put the ball in net. Without Rivero on the pitch, the Rapids are all brawn and no brains. When you put Rivero on the field, that's one player with the creativity to draw traffic and show a genuine threat for the opponent. But that's only one player. Having two players of that type would prove difficult next to the striking talent that the Rapids display.

Defense is not an issue for me with Klute, Shane O'Neill, Drew Moor, and (preferrably Brian Mullan), but German Mera/Marvel Wynne holding down the back four. Clint Irwin or Matt Pickens in net is obviously a dream-like situation for the Rapids which just leaves a finisher and a creative player that the Rapids need to attempt to acquire during this month long summer transfer window.

July into August will be an interesting month to watch with the Rapids having two international spots open. I hope and suggest that they use them.