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Frank Yallop Let Go Ahead Of Rapids Match

Frank Yallop will not be with the Earthquakes when they face the Rapids next weekend.

Mike Stobe

I've never really understood the phrase 'meteoric rise'. Don't meteors fall and break into pieces as they slam through the atmosphere, destroying themselves slowly in the process?

On that note, the meteoric fall of the San Jose Earthquakes continued on Friday, when Frank Yallop was announced to have been let go by the team. I was one of many calling out San Jose's Supporters Shield victory last year for what it actually was (unsustainable horseshit) and I'm glad to see that the quick and mighty fall of the 'Goonies' has led to the coach eventually being taken out of the equation and the 'unstoppable team' from last year getting stuck in eighth place in the West despite nearly every team in the division having a game or two in hand on them.

It's sweetness, to be honest. Absolute sweetness. I said last year that as long as their three forwards didn't have the best years of their career -- Chris Wondolowski, Steven Lenhart and Alan Gordan -- they wouldn't make it anywhere this year with their otherwise middling squad.

And now, they'll be coming into Colorado without their awful-football preaching manager in tow as well. It should give the Rapids a decent chance to take three points at home against the Quakes, depending on if Mark Watson remains their manager.

Will this be the dawning of a new, kinder, gentler Quakes? Probably not. I give them two weeks before Gary Smith takes their job and keeps the shit football train a-rollin'.