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The Daily Wave: Castrillon's Triumphant Return

Jamie Castrillon is expected to see playing time with the reserves this week. How will he impact the Rapids?

Doug Pensinger

The box is a dangerous place, if you're a keeper facing Jamie Castrillon. It's a place full of horror and chaos. Players running into each other, shoving each other to the turf. And to the Colombian midfielder, it's home. Castrillon found net eight times last season, and the majority of those goals were sniper shots. The man is renowned for sneaking into the box and waiting for the cross to casually head it into goal.

As we all know, finishing is arguably the number one issue the Colorado Rapids have faced in the past two seasons. We have watched as Atiba Harris has become one of the only players on the pitch that seems to be able to finish. Castrillon was one of few players who was able to consistently find space in the box. When combined with the new attacking power the Rapids have seemed to accumulated, the Rapids goals will surely exponentially grow.

Over the last several matches, the Rapids have finally found some sort of niche scoring multiple goals in two consecutive games. Before then, they had only done that in one match against Portland. The current squad can only benefit from Castrillon's presence in the box. The question is, where will he play? Will we see him off the wing as a midfielder like we did last season? Or will he be integrated as more of a striker? Either way, I believe that Castrillon's ability to finish is something that the Rapids need on the pitch. I don't see much space for him in the midfield role anymore with that core becoming so strong with rookie Dillon Powers, revamped Nathan Sturgis, and the newly returned Hendry Thomas, also with Martin Rivero again, I don't see him getting much starter time as a midfield. I expect him to return as a wing striker, unless the Rapids return to the 4-2-3-1.

We all wait in anticipation as Castrillon will most likely see time with the reserve team this weekend. We hope we see the Castrillon of old (with a little added defensive skill). The sniper returns, and hopefully in full form.