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The Daily Wave: We Got To Talk About Stan Kroenke!

Is the KSE philosophy working In the tenth year of ownership by Stan Kroenke?


2010 Colorado Rapids, 2001 Colorado Avalanche. The complete list of teams that have won a title with Stan Kroenke as their majority owner. The Avalanche operated under the old management structure and were legitimately selling out every game plus had one of the highest operating budgets in the league. But it was before the salary cap and Tony Granato era. With the recent loss of Masai Ujiri from the Denver Nuggets over financial issues it has revealed a pattern of how this corporation works. Get a hungry up and comer and then when you see their best shot it propels them into a higher paying job usually with somebody else.

The only thing the Denver Nuggets have actually won was two executive of the year awards and both people that won it are somewhere else making more money. And the coach of the year award that George Karl won? Well the Los Angeles Clippers are flirting with him and Karl is in the last year of his current contract so he wants to be secure in his job here or ready to leave. What should have happened is Josh Kroenke should have matched Toronto's offer and then let George Karl go. To not let a guy who has become as respected as Ujiri not pick his own coach and not knowing if he ever could was probably a big part of going to Toronto.

Sports are a big business. But running them the same way that you run Wal-Mart is probably a bad idea. It just seems to me that with the way they treat unions, (just the rumor of starting a union will get your store closed down and the general manager sent to some horrible place never to be seen from again for letting it get that far.) So the attitude that their employees are lucky to have their jobs after they have already proven their worth is going to keep them from the very thing that they desire. Namely winning titles. But that might not be the point for KSE. Being a Colorado sports fan you hear a lot of little clues about the organizations here. The budget for training staff on the Avalanche is half of the next highest team. The budget for scouting on the Rapids is half the next highest team. I remember an article about the Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling that the players had to buy their own shoes. I kind of feel like that's where KSE is headed. Am I saying that the ownership is cheap? If the trade-off for building your own arenas is you have less to spend on your team well I'm at least glad that Colorado paid for the new Mile High Stadium.

The last three paragraphs have brought me to this. If we just went by the numbers. Tim Hinchey has increased the season ticket holder base by more than double. Increased jersey sales. He got the youth system funded by the board of directors. I day-dreamed the board meetings to ask for money from Kroenke Sports Enterprises are Hinchey on his hands and knees with his hat in his hand begging and not looking them in the eye. The Rapids are going in a good direction both in the community and in the table. I know a team that can use Hinchey's services. They are in a big market. This team is going to be re-branded. They are going to need some marketing skills. They are going to have to connect to the area in a different way. The soccer team formerly known as Chivas USA. Hincheys first job was for the Los Angeles Kings. If Hinchey can make people come to Rapids games when we were on a downward trajectory he can certainly do it for a team that creates a lot of home-grown players. That entire package would look good to me if I was an experienced team president. Chivas USA's future is still up in the air. Knowing how the Kroenke's work and Hinchey's contract most likely being up after next season. What is a given in Colorado is unless you're franchise is named the Broncos, fans don't spend their money on a loser. Hinchey changed that. Don't be surprised to see him leave for another reclamation project and more money when the Kroenke's are up to their old tricks.