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The Daily Wave: Bring Jimmy Maurer Back!

Steward Ceus needs to be jettisoned immediately, lest we have to suffer through another appearance in case of emergency. Who should replace him? I think you all know the answer to that one.

Note: Not Jimmy Maurer
Note: Not Jimmy Maurer
Chris Brunskill

That game against Orlando City was the final straw for most of us, I think. Steward Ceus has got to go. It was his third blunder of a game -- we're not even counting reserve appearances, where I hear he's also bungled up one or two plays -- this year, after the preseason hilarity against Chivas USA and his famous flub against FC Dallas that cost the Rapids a point on opening day. It's clear that his already well known mental issues in net aren't going to get any better, and in fact seem to escalate with every appearance and every mistake.

So, Ceus is out. We won't discuss the whole 'Trade Matt Pickens' thing this week, though it does sting in the back of our minds a little bit. There's a pretty good chance that, in a month or two, we could have a completely new goalkeeping staff from the one we saw in 2012. (Even if Pickens doesn't get traded, I'll bet they can find a buyer for the superb looking Irwin, though that's the option I would like the least in this scenario.)

Putting the Pickens/Irwin battle for the starting spot aside -- we all know Ceus' time to win that is long past -- we're going to need a new third goalkeeper, ideally a younger guy with upside who can be called upon in times of need.

I think you know where we're going with this. Jimmy Maurer, who had one of the most bananas appearances in a preseason game by a Rapids trialist ever, is currently with the New York Cosmos. (Make no mistake, I think we're all happy that they went with Irwin instead. This is why they get paid to scout players and we don't!) Since being brought back into the NASL, they have yet to play a game, starting their season in the 'Clausura' of the NASL year this time around. So, they're not really bound to him quite yet. He isn't the prospective starter for them anyway I think, with 31-year-old Chad Calderone, signed the same day as Maurer, bringing more experience to the table.

I doubt it would cost very much to poach Maurer away from the Cosmos. Colorado has enough money to throw at an NASL club for a third keeper, or perhaps the Cosmos would like what they've seen from Ceus (ha) enough to arrange a straight keeper for keeper swap? (Say what you will, but at least Ceus has a few clean sheets and several games of MLS experience under his belt. Playing for a lower league club might not hurt his chances at getting his stuff back, either.)

And, if all of that doesn't work out, is Ian Joyce still looking for a job?