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The Daily Wave: Mirror Image

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The Rapids plunge into depression, much like last season... Can they avoid repeating history?

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Fourteen matches in, the Rapids sat in good shape. Inversely as the two seasons were, 2012 held a strong fast paced start with a slow decline in point acquisition, while 2013 held a slower start gaining speed like a snowball as they played on.

Oftentimes, in unfortunate fashion, history does repeat itself. Whether we have the ability to control that fate or not, it simply does. So far, the Colorado Rapids are repeating history. The hot streak always seems to end with the off week. Last season, the Rapids went 6-6-1 before the break. I can't quite call that a hot streak, but it still got them 19 points while at the break, the Rapids this season sat at 20 when they crested at the rest. Eerily similar? I'd say so.

If we focus on the present, we know that the Rapids still hold that fate in their own hands. Last season, as I'm sure they know, they went 5-8-3, a steep decline if you asked me. The defense fell prone to counter attacks and simple crosses as they have this season since playing after the break, and ended the season tragically several spots out of playoffs. The exact same thing is happening this season. The defense is in disarray and the offense can't score goals. They have lost all three matches out of the break gate following the same beaten path as they did in 2012. All with a different identity and with different personnel.

Can we put this on the coaching staff since the issues are the same, as is the record? It's tough to say. Inconsistencies in the lineup plague the Rapids much like they did last season. Lack of finishing plague the Rapids like it did last season. Counter strikes are beginning to plague the Rapids like they did last season. It all points to the sideline. These are issues that the Rapids still have the ability to change and move themselves back up into playoff contention. All of this really became prominent after the break last year, and is happening again like a bad thriller movie.

So many things are different for the Rapids this year. More depth. Younger players. Different styles. Same problems. Can they change their fate? There's still time.