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The Daily Wave: The Importance Of Being Shane

Is Shane O'Neill the Rapids' MVP?


Shane O’Neill. Rapids defender. Essentially a rookie, but is he the REAL Rapids MVP? While this might seem weird to say if you look at the games that he has played a majority of minutes in you will see a statistic that you might not have known.

At the beginning of the year Shane was a bench player that most thought would do well but we were still uncertain as to what he could actually bring to the Rapids. O’Neill saw his first minutes after Diego Calderon got hurt against the Los Angeles Galaxy. Since that time the Rapids are 4-1-4 in games that he has played/started in, with the only loss being to the Seattle Sounders when Shane subbed in in the 55th minute.

Shane has solidified the center back position with Drew Moor. The Rapids defense as a whole with Shane playing has only given up 6 goals. Shane is the biggest unsung hero for the Rapids.

Shane’s impact on the Rapids can be seen most evidently in the 3 games since he has been gone with the U-20 Men's National Team. In that time the Rapids defense has given up 7 goals with a mix of Marvell Wynne and German Mera playing CB with Moor.

With O'Neill's return coming soon the Rapids are sure to become better defensively!