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The Daily Wave: Revenge Of The Bad Statistic

Last year, we had a really awful statistic here at Burgundy Wave, where the Rapids had a morose record when the other team scored a goal at any point. Checking it again this year, it's once again bad, but for different reasons.

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If you read Burgundy Wave all that often, you'll probably remember that statistic from last season. It was the record that the 2012 Rapids had when the other team was allowed to score a goal at any point in the game. It didn't matter if the goal was to take a lead in the first five minutes or a goal to tie in the 90th, the Rapids went 2-19-4 when the other team scored. That was pathetically bad.

Since we're at the halfway mark of this season, I figured I would look at the number for this season's Rapids team, and I wasn't expecting good results, especially after the last three games. Unsurprisingly, it came out at a lackluster 0-7-5, including the game against Portland. Yes, that means every win once again has been accompanied by a shutout.

Fortunately, the stat this year appears to be getting caused by something different from last year. In 2012, it seemed that it was simple mental fortitude that was destroying the team every time the other team scored. This year, it just looks like the Rapids can't keep up with any team that is scoring even a single goal per game, because they themselves can't score more than one either.

Last year's team wasn't exactly pouring them in, but they are on pace to have a better offensive season than this season's version. (Last year they scored 44 goals, this season at the halfway mark the team only has 17.) So yes, they have some different work to do than they did last season.

At the very least, they won't be losing 19 times in that scenario again. Progress is really all we can ask for in situations like this one, watching a young team try and find its way into MLS.