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Portland Timbers 3 Colorado Rapids 0 - Snuffed

The worst performance by far of the season still wasn't a complete crapshow, but it did display the worst tendencies of these Rapids as they fell 3-0 to Portland.

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Stop me if you've heard this one before: The Colorado Rapids played very well offensively at times during their game last night, but couldn't find a finishing touch at all before being punished by a couple of defensive lapses.

Yeah, that could be the recap for just about every loss that the Rapids have suffered this season, but a particularly stinging version of that mantra was on display on Sunday evening as the Timbers smoked the Rapids by a scoreline of 3-0.

For the first 10 minutes, it looked like the Rapids may have a chance to end their losing streak and perhaps snap Portland's long-standing home streak without a goal as well. They were bright and creating plenty of good opportunities, though as it seems to have been all season, nothing went in. The brightness of that 10 minutes was quickly shattered by one of the worst defensive lapses we've seen all season.

Marvell Wynne moving back to right back was supposed to improve his game after two rather lackluster performances, but when the Timbers earned a free kick outside Colorado's box, he didn't appear to notice as he slowly ambled away from it, his back to the ball. Seeing opportunity, the free kick was taken quickly and there was plenty of time for them to make their move unmarked, which led to Frédéric Piquionne getting a header that he stuffed under the crossbar.

After that, it was all Timbers. A team-wide defensive breakdown topped with a superb finish from Will Johnson gave them their second goal right at the cusp of half time, and the Rapids never looked like they were going to get back into it. When Ryan Johnson finished off a dazzling display of passes to add the third goal, it hardly even mattered.

It's hard to say that the team should call for vast changes after a loss like that, bad as it was. Portland is one of the best teams in the league and unstoppable at home. Still, three losses in a row can't be helping the team's morale going into Montreal.