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The Daily Wave: It's Time To Sit Brown

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With Deshorn Brown struggling it's time Oscar Pareja thinks about sitting him.


It's time for Deshorn to sit. That statement might sound like heresy, but with Jaime Castrillon back on the pitch for the Rapids Brown may have found himself relegated to the bench. Deshorn Brown has played in every game that he has been healthy this season but has not been able to find the net consistently. Castrillon on the other hand was the leading scorer for the Rapids last season.

With the struggles that Brown has been having it might be time for Oscar Pareja to juggle the lineup and try to find a finisher. Jaime Castrillon looks to be placing himself in positions to get shots on net, Edson Buddle continues to find opportunity after opportunity, but only Atiba Harris has scored more than a single goal in a game.

No one on this Rapids team can claim to have a finishing touch. No matter what fans think there is not a pure finisher on the team. With Brown's struggles, scoring just his first goal since in over 2 months against the Chicago Fire Wednesday, it might be best for him to sit on the bench for a game or two. Who would you like to see take his place and why?