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Colorado Rapids Thugcast, Episode 40: Still Doing It Live!

We're on to episode two of the Rapids Thugcast on Blog Talk Radio, and episode 40 overall. Let's talk Fire, Pablo and Portland!

This whole 'live Thugcasts' thing ain't going away just because it didn't work out incredibly well the first time! After a surprisingly good response to the first Blog Talk Radio episode of the Thugcast -- by which I mean the viewership was in the double digits -- we'll be starting to do the actual weekly version of it tonight and every Thursday night after at 7 p.m. Mountain Time.

Today, Ben and I are likely to cover the Fire game from last night along with the Pablo Mastroeni trade that we just missed out on by doing our last show on Sunday. There's also an upcoming game against Portland to discuss, of course.

Click on this text right here or click the big Thugcast logo below to be taken to the show page for today's episode. Tune in live, listen to the recorded podcast version after the fact, or call 347-945-7755 to get on the show with Ben and myself tonight at 7:00.

The podcast is now finished and live on the site, feel free to tune in at your leisure!