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Colorado Rapids vs. FC Dallas - Man Of The Match Vote

Who was the man of the match in the 2-2 draw against Dallas?


Who was the man of the match against FC Dallas in that 2-2 draw? There's a few names that come to mind for me, vote on who you think should take it below:

Atiba Harris: The obvious choice, scoring two goals. As I said in the game recap, he had a very Jaime Castrillon type game, staying nearly completely anonymous all game until he found himself unmarked in the box. Fortunately for him and the Rapids, that happened not once, but twice.

Chris Klute: I laughed when Eric Wynalda said he could be the next Eddie Pope (with speed) but he's starting to look the part the more starts he gets in MLS. The Dallas game was particularly sharp, with some absolutely brilliant runs down the side and decent defending on the flanks to go along with it.

Hendry Thomas: A dark horse for this prize, but he did a brilliant job at shutting down David Ferriera all night, which is what he was brought in to do. Both goals were caused by collapses in the back ranks, but Thomas was fabulous all evening.