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Colorado Rapids 2 FC Dallas 2 - A Fair Point

Colorado and Dallas traded goals in an exciting 15-minute stretch on Saturday, leading to a 2-2 draw.


Who says Jaime Castrillon isn't playing any more?

Atiba Harris turned in a very Castrillon-esque performance on Saturday, scoring a brace while leading the Colorado Rapids to a 2-2 draw against FC Dallas at Dick's Sporting Goods Park, while Blas Perez led the Hoops with a brace of his own.

We'll skip to the second half while writing this recap, because the first half was fairly uneventful for both sides. Colorado controlled the play for most of that half, but they were unable to find much creativity in the final third and none of the fantastic moves that they made forward really made Raul Fernandez think in the end. Dallas did have a fantastic spell in the final few minutes of the half, which included a Blas Perez goal that got called back for being over the byline a bit controversially, but there wasn't much to speak of when the teams went to their locker rooms.

At the start of the second half, there wasn't much of a difference in that regard. For the first 15 or so minutes, it looked like more of the same, with the teams trading possession but being unable to find the back of the net, or even test the keepers with much regard. Eventually, in the 56th minute, Atiba Harris found himself about as unmarked as someone can get on a long throw in from Marvell Wynne -- though he was being held onto by the arm, the rest of his body was essentially open -- and stuck his head out to get his third goal of the year. Harris had made little noise up until that point, but his invisibility appeared to help him end up open in the box from that one.

Dallas struck right back though, with Blas Perez hooking onto the end of a deflection from Atiba Harris in the 61st minute that hit Marvell Wynne in the chest, right to Perez's foot. He made no mistake with the finish, pushing it into a corner that Clint Irwin was never going to reach.

The excitement of the 10 goalscoring minutes still held two more goals, though. Atiba struck again when his run to the far post after a Chris Klute header was unseen by the Dallas defense in the 65th minute, while Perez doubled his production only a minute later when a clearance attempt was missed by Drew Moor, leaving him wide open for a shot from distance in what was certainly the best looking goal of the night, right into the bottom corner once again.

Colorado certainly had chances to get back into it late, even bringing in 6'3'' German Mera to try and snatch a late set-piece goal, but nothing came in the end and it ended as a fair 2-2 result. Two defensive breakdowns for each team led the charges, and a 0-0 scoreline would really have made just as much sense as 2-2 in the end. A rare occasion where each team capitalized on every defensive mistake in the end, and an important point to keep our ukuleles strumming going into next week, with a six-game unbeaten streak still going.