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Chicago Fire 2 Colorado Rapids 1 - Unfortunate Again

Colorado got their road trip started on the wrong foot with an unfortunate 2-1 loss to the Chicago Fire midweek.


It's late and I'm incredibly tired -- I also only paid attention for about half of the game tonight so I don't have the full spectacle of it in my head -- so I'm just going to boil this down to a small list of bullet points:

* Marvell Wynne should never play center back again. I say that every time he plays center back and he always finds a way to prove me right. Especially with Hendry Thomas not there to help bail him out by winning balls in the midfield, he was dire tonight. I would rather lose Brian Mullan's touch and skill in the right back spot than have to keep dealing with Wynne at CB in the future.

* The referee had a shocker tonight. Neither handball call against the Rapids was particularly stonewall, while Chicago's second goal was pretty clearly offside. His overall game was pretty bad as well, and he topped it with a cherry when he called time before all four minutes of allotted stoppage had even passed despite 30 seconds of Fire time-wasting preceding it. There's no excusing Colorado's defensive errors though, and even a well refereed game likely would have ended in a tie at the best for the Rapids.

* If Deshorn Brown continues to have games like that, he'll be back in the RoY discussion. Great goal and a great effort to almost get a second, but for that handball call. Was involved all evening.

* I don't buy that Tony Cascio going with his left foot instead of his right on that post-hit at the end would have been as automatic a goal as some seemed to think. A shift of balance to get that on his left in the position he was in could easily have seen him either scuff it or miss it entirely. There's no question he should theoretically have scored, of course, but I don't put blame on him for missing it.