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Hendry Thomas, Oscar Pareja Suspended For Fire Match

A tackle from Hendry Thomas and a rant from Oscar Pareja has seen both suspended for Wednesday's match.


Following the spat that Mark Watson started when he kicked a ball at Hendry Thomas, the Rapids got right back into their faces and will pay for it against the Chicago Fire. Oscar Pareja was handed a single-game suspension and won't join the team on their trip to Chicago after leaving the field of play on Saturday, while Hendry Thomas will be suspended a match for a tackle late into the first half.

Dillon Powers will likely start in place of Thomas with Nathan Sturgis getting pushed back into a deeper defensive role, while Martin Rivero is likely to get the start at the top of the midfield for the Rapids. In Pareja's place, we're likely to see goalkeeper coach Dave Dir, who has previous head coaching experience. Wilmer Cabrera is not with the team at the moment, otherwise he would likely have taken control of the match for Pareja.

Both player and coach will be back on the team for the game this Sunday.