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Apparently Colorado Gets Tornadoes Now

The Rapids all got stuck at DIA because of a tornado. Hilarity ensues.

I've lived in Colorado for the vast majority of my life, a good 23 years of it I'd say. In that time, I recall a single, solitary time that I ever even saw a tornado warning, let alone an actual tornado. I'm sure most of the players on the Rapids have spent quite a bit less time in Colorado than I have, and they can already say they've seen more than me!

Ready to fly to Chicago, the team was forced into the tornado shelters at Denver International Airport when a real, live tornado touched down right outside of the airport, which caused a rather frightening half-hour as they waited for it to clear out. They did eventually get on a flight, though it would have had to be a long-ass warning to keep them from the game tomorrow night. (Rather ironic that they're flying to the 'Windy City'.)

Also, the first person on the plane to make an 'I don't think we're in Kansas any more' joke on the plane once they pass over it should get smacked.