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Colorado Rapids vs. San Jose Earthquakes - Player Ratings

How did the Rapids do against San Jose? A bit better than the scoreboard indicated, perhaps.


Nick is out for the week, so I'll be taking over the player ratings for the Quakes game. As you would expect, most of the numbers are fairly high after a good overall performance -- with 10 men! -- marred by only three real mistakes all game.


Clint Irwin - 4.5
Nothing much he could have done on the first goal, but may have mistimed his run out on the second. Not a horrid performance overall from Clint, though.

Drew Moor - 6
Though both goals were caused by defensive errors, neither were on Moor's turf. He was his usual steady self for most of the match, though perhaps he should have known better than to play a bit higher up the pitch than Marvell Wynne was.

Marvell Wynne - 3.5
The whole 'Wynne is often not great at center back' thing has been beaten to death already, but I think Saturday was one of his worse ones. Should have had a say in both goals, letting a guy get by him and failing to do his usual catching up.

Chris Klute - 4
Chris was also present for the first goal but didn't make much effort to stop Steven Lenhart, and he wasn't quite as sharp going up the wing as we're used to from him. It makes sense that he was swapped for Wallace with 30 to go.


Hendry Thomas - 6
Another steady performance in the back from Thomas. When you don't hear his name called much during the game, that usually means he's doing an efficient job. (Of course, we did hear his name that one time but that's another story.)

Nathan Sturgis - 7 (MotM)
How many Man of the Match performances can this guy possibly have this year? A great goal and great work in the middle of the field to hold and distribute by Sturgis once again.

Dillon Powers - 5
Not much good and not much bad from Dillon, who I think may be getting played a bit too high up the pitch for his best game. Martin Rivero's return should solve that, though it may push Dillon all the way out of the lineup regularly with Sturgis still on the rise.


Atiba Harris - 1
An absolutely silly challenge for Atiba to have made. The fact that the team seemed to play better with him off the field only added insult to the injury.

Edson Buddle - 6.5
A rather uninspiring first half immediately shifted into a beastly second when Martin Rivero came on. The Rivero-Buddle connection was fabulous and Buddle was very close to finding or creating a goal several times.

Deshorn Brown - 5
A rather run-of-the-mill performance from Brown, who uncharacteristically failed to get all that many chances for himself in this one, but did well when he had the ball at his feet.


Martin Rivero - 7
Had he played the entire match, I have no doubts he would have been MotM. Rivero's 45 minutes were very good, and he only got better when Jaime Castrillon came on later.

Jaime Castrillon - 6.5
Another great and late addition, Castrillon nearly found the goal more times than some of the starters in that game did despite his limited time. It's very good to see him back.

Anthony Wallace - 6
As I said in The Daily Wave yesterday, I quite enjoyed the performance that Wally put on display for everyone on Saturday. Perhaps it's time to give Chris Klute a rest for the first time in a while.