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Pablo Mastroeni Traded To LA Galaxy

By his request after falling down the pecking order in a packed midfield, the Colorado Rapids sent their long-time team captain to the LA Galaxy for a draft pick.


Well, not sure most of us were expecting that one, but what can you do? The Rapids announced on Monday that they had traded long-time team captain and, really, Rapids legend, Pablo Mastroeni to the LA Galaxy for an international slot and a 2014 second-round draft pick. (The rights to Baggio Husidic, which I completely forgot that the Rapids still had, were also included in the deal.)

Since it was reportedly by Mastroeni's request that he went to LA, I'm surprised that the Rapids even got that much for him. There's almost no chance that Mastroeni continues to play past this season and he has been completely destroyed by injuries this season. If they can get a few games out of him, good for them, but Colorado will likely find plenty of use for the international spot he's leaving behind.

Mastroeni's spot on the Rapids became less important with the rise of Dillon Powers, the effectiveness of Nathan Sturgis taking over his spot and the growing leadership abilities of Hendry Thomas and Drew Moor. Nobody will ever be able to replace Mastroeni, of course, but the team doesn't look like it's desperate for his presence any more, as they were last year.

Now, we just have to wait and hope that he's going to come back to Colorado in a coaching position once his career as a player has ended. I know we were all probably hoping to see him retire in burgundy, but as he said in his exit letter, Colorado will always have a place in his heart. We can only hope that spells an eventual return for our Captain.