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The Rapids Thugcast Is Moving To BlogTalkRadio!

The dirtiest podcast in football is moving to a new hosting service, and will have quite a few changes for the better in the future.

One of the reasons that the Rapids Thugcast has never really been expanded on by us is that, really, it was kind of a tinpot production. Ben and myself just recorded ourselves over Skype using Audacity, I pasted them together and threw them up on our own, pretty terrible, hosting.

Rather low production, I think.

Fortunately, SB Nation came around a few weeks back and let us know that, as a network, we were getting the opportunity to pair with Blog Talk Radio. I used BTR quite often in the past for stupid sports shows and was always a fan, but couldn't afford to stick around when they introduced paid premium services.

Well, guess what? The Rapids Thugcast, thanks to SB Nation's partnership with the site, is moving to Blog Talk Radio starting this week! (Click that link to be taken to the official show page.)

This introduces all sorts of cool new additions to the show. We can take calls now, we'll be broadcasting live instead of being three days late on everything, and we can finally start to bring in guests to the show to chat about the Rapids and other teams. Because I won't have to do any editing anymore, we'll probably also be doing them weekly instead of recording one every week and getting it thrown out in the end like we usually do. Ben and I haven't yet decided exactly when we're planning on doing it every week, but it's likely to be every Thursday evening.

We'll likely be kicking off the BTR era of the Thugcast with a special Sunday show in two days following the San Jose Earthquakes game, more details will be posted on the @Burgundywave twitter account when I figure them out. See you then!