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Vote Some Rapids Into The MLS All-Star Game

Six Rapids players are eligible for this year's MLS All-Star game. Go vote for them!

Also vote for me, cause I'm right above his shoulder there.
Also vote for me, cause I'm right above his shoulder there.

This time last year, when the All-Star ballot was released, we had a good chuckle at the fact that there were several Colorado Rapids players on it. Each team automatically got six, but it was still funny that they were even being given consideration considering how mediocre they looked through mid-June.

2013 has been a bit different though, and there might actually be a snowball's chance in hell that we see someone from our Rapids on the team this year when they face Roma.

This season's nominees from the Rapids are Clint Irwin, Drew Moor, Atiba Harris, Dillon Powers, Deshorn Brown and Edson Buddle. I'm not sure exactly why they decided to go with four attacking players from the team that has given up the second fewest goals in MLS while scoring the sixth fewest, but I suppose I'm not the one being paid to put these things together.

You can vote for Rapids players right here on