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Are The Rapids Looking For A Steward Ceus Replacement?

Here's an interesting one: were the Rapids interested in DC United 'keeper Andrew Dykstra?

Jonathan Daniel

As I said in my post about Jimmy Maurer a week ago, Steward Ceus needs to get going from the Colorado Rapids, and they need to, ideally, find someone to replace him. I just threw out Maurer's name because it was someone we'd all recognize, but there's a chance that the Rapids are already looking for potential new third goalies.

Here's one for you: DC United blogger -- from our very own Black & Red United, no less -- threw out a rumor to me the other day: that the Rapids had inquired with United about acquiring Andrew Dykstra, currently on loan with the USL's Richmond Kickers, DC United's affiliate team with their reserve side.

Dykstra would be an interesting pick-up simply because he actually has some first-team experience in MLS under his belt, having spent a couple of seasons with the Chicago Fire. At age 27, he's also still young enough that he may be able to work his way back up a depth chart some day, which is what you usually want out of your third goalie. Of course, the fact that he's gotten work before might mean he won't want to come, and United reportedly refused anyway.

On the other hand, Chris Bianchi noted yesterday that it was unlikely they were looking at third 'keepers. Who knows what to believe in this crazy world, though?! (Probably Bianchi.)