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Poll - Which USMNT Player Will Get Horrifically Injured Tuesday?

Let's face it, someone's gonna get injured on the Seattle Slip N' Slide. Who will it be, though?


I'm sure any Rapids fan who is asked about temporary grass pitches in Seattle will have fond memories of the last time they tried that. Remember, when the Sounders really wanted to host Manchester United but the Champions of England refused unless they put down grass?

Well, we all know how that one ended. It was like soccer on a Slip N' Slide, the game was a hilarious 4-3 slopfest and no fewer than two players were injured as a direct result of the wet, sliding turf. Conor Casey was at the forefront, suffering the Achilles tendon tear that essentially ended his career in Colorado.

Wells Thompson was probably the Man of the Match that game for the Rapids, that's how bad it was.

That in mind, the fine folks at CenturyLink Field have done it again, laying down an awful grass turf over their usual FieldTurf, and playing a league game over it. That game was pretty terrible to watch, and the USA vs. Panama game on Tuesday is going to be terrible as well. It's sad when people are actually predicting it's going to be a worse watch than the snow bowl at DSGP earlier this year.

That's not what's important though: What is important is wondering exactly which player is going to suffer some manner of horrifying injury due to the grass overlay.