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The Daily Wave: Media Or Fan

The most difficult part of the 2013 season for this writer has been balancing being a fan and a part of the media.


As a Colorado Rapids season ticket holder for 5 years this has been a difficult season, but for a very different reason than you may think. In the past year I started a radio show (A View From The South Stands on Thursday nights at 5pm) and became producer/co-host of Marcelo Balboa's From the Pitch on Mile High Sports 93.7FM/1510AM. Now that I have become a part of the media there are certain rules that I have to follow at the game.

While I am in the press box I can no longer cheer for the Rapids. This has been the hardest part for me. The Rapids were the first MLS team that I followed. I have been a fan since 2005 and a season ticket holder since 2009. Last year I would stay after games to try and get autographs and tell the players good job. This year however, I get to go into the locker room and get interviews.

This is not meant to be a woe is me article because the access that I have now is great and I get to see a whole different side of this team. In fact, the positives and negatives to this double-edged sword are quite equal. The biggest thing however is that now that I am a part of the media I look at games a lot differently.

Last Saturday I went to the game as a fan rather than as a part of the media. Normally I would have been extremely excited because the Rapids got the win and a BIG 3 points at home. This was not the case on Saturday though because one of the other rules is that no alcohol is consumed in the press box, and because I went as a fan I of course had a couple adult beverages.

During the second half of the game my co-host Moss and I decided to head down to the Terraces as we would often do last year. I love the atmosphere in the Terraces, but I found myself unable to sing, chant, and cheer much if at all. I have started to look at games from a completely different view.

I have found it really hard to cheer like I used to, even during away games. I watch the games on TV and just think about things that I can talk about during one of the shows I do, or that I can write about here. I am grateful that I have the access that I have, now I just need to figure out how to balance the fan part with the media part.