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Best Of The Colorado Rapids: By The Numbers - #31

Who’s the best all-time Colorado Rapids player to wear #31?

Clint Irwin
Clint Irwin

This season we'll be taking a look at every player who has worn a Colorado Rapids jersey over the 18 years of the club's existence. Who was the best player to wear a particular jersey number? I'll list them, and you can vote and comment on the best players to don the burgundy...or black and blue...or green...

This week we're looking at every #31 who has appeared in at least one Major League Soccer or CONCACAF Champion's League match.


  • Clint Irwin - 2013
    The Rapids couldn't have asked for a better start from this Elon University graduate with only minor league experience. He has a 0.75 Goals Against Average, and he stepped in to what seemed an enormous hole when Matt Pickens went down and has led the Rapids to a winning record when he's between the pipes.
  • Steward Ceus - 2011-2012
    The US-born Haitian national team goalkeeper recently switched to #21. He wore #31 for four years, but did not play in 2009 or 2010. He played in a couple Champion's League games in 2011, including the big win over Isidro Metapan in El Salvador. He made his MLS league debut by filling in fairly well for Pickens to end the season in 2012.
  • Zach Thornton - 2007
    MLS Goalkeeper of the Year before his stopover in Colorado, and MLS Goalkeeper of the Year after his stopover in Colorado. Unfortunately, while in Colorado he had no impact on the field (1 appearance). Now retired, he has begun a coaching career.
  • Sasha Gotsmanov - 2005
    The Belarusian-born son of a national team player for the USSR in the mid-eighties, Gotsmanov was another one game wonder in Colorado. In 2005 he was the MVP of the reserve team and played once for the first team, but was released in 2006.

So who's the best Rapids player to ever wear the number 31? Vote below!

My Pick: Who is/was the best as a Rapids player? No contest: Irwin.