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Colorado Rapids vs. Toronto FC - Player Ratings

How did the Rapids players do in the smash n' grab fest that was Saturday's game against Toronto?


To call Colorado's game against Toronto on Saturday 'beautiful football' would get you smacked, but it was still a Rapids victory in the end. How did the players do overall during the Smash N' Grab bonanza that Toronto helped to pull out, though?


Clint Irwin - 7
Pitched yet another shutout, though he had a bit less to do this time than some of the last few games. Still, the saves he made were solid and he kept the defense organized very well on an influx of set pieces late on in the match.

Drew Moor - 6
Solid as usual from the captain, especially on set pieces where he provided a header or two to knock danger away.

Brian Mullan - 4
Oof. Not one for the resume of Mullan, who seemed to give the ball to Toronto players on his distribution more often than Rapids players. Score is saved a bit by his defending, which was adequate going back.

Shane O'Neill - 5
O'Neill provides a steady presence next to Drew Moor, and that's all we can really ask of the homegrown hero. Nothing flashy, but he doesn't need to be.

Chris Klute - 4.5
He's good for a solid ball into the area every so often -- the one that Buddle put into the net was a pretty good one -- but inconsistency offensively keeps him from getting a higher score. Hopefully the playing time he's getting will help him continue to grow.


Nathan Sturgis - 5
I scarcely heard his name all game, which is usually a good thing for a defensive midfielder. Tidy game in relief of Hendry Thomas.

Dillon Powers - 5
Not the best game Powers has put out for the Rapids, but not a bad performance either. Occasional turnovers, but I feel like sometimes he is put into bad positions by other players, giving him the ball in tough spots because he can usually get out of them. That's not a bad thing to see from your rookie, I suppose.

Kamani Hill - 3.5
If Kamani wants more playing time, that's not the way to earn it. Tentativeness on the ball, a lack of good shots and committing fouls is not what you want from an attacking midfielder.

Nick Labrocca - 4
Missing that easy shot right from the outset paced his game, which was rather unremarkable.


Atiba Harris - 4
Harris had a game like most games he's had this year. He had energy and fought hard, but didn't produce anything of any note. Missed one of his trademark sitters when he failed to get a good touch on an open chance.

Danny Mwanga - 3
Atiba's game may have been up and down, but Mwanga's was just down. Seems afraid to do anything with the ball at his feet, which is bad news for a forward.


Edson Buddle - 6.5
He wasn't fit, but he didn't need to be. Buddle was getting in the right positions, making smart flicks and providing a focal point to the attack that was missing in the first half after he came in. His goal was opportunistic, but how many times have we seen Atiba Harris someone on the team missing the 'easy ones' this year?

Martin Rivero - 5
Still getting back in the swing of things, and not taking the set pieces yet, but he performed smart moves on the ball and provided a settled passing game.

Deshorn Brown - N/A
Didn't really have the time to do anything special, especially with Buddle acting as the focal point in the attack,