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Rapids Sign Colombian Defender German Mera

The Rapids made a quick signing before the closing of the transfer window, bringing in Colombian defender German Mara on Monday.


With the transfer window getting very close to slamming shut, I think the majority of us assumed that there wouldn't be any movement by the Rapids. Right at the death, they proved us wrong by picking up Colombian defender German Mera from Deportivo Cali in the Colombian league.

I don't know anything about him, since I don't particularly follow the Colombian league and there doesn't appear to be a wealth of information on the 23-year-old online. I assume he's been picked up to help with the low center back depth that the team currently has. He will take up one of the three open International Slots on the team. One is currently belonging to, but is not being held by, Charles Eloundou, while the other two are open because of injuries. When Eloundou finally arrives, I assume that Brenton Griffiths will be released to open the spot back up.

He will likely not see time right away, with Drew Moor and Shane O'Neill playing very well as a tandem in the center of the defense currently. Perhaps, if he's fit enough, he will be on the bench against the Columbus Crew this weekend.

Here, have a video of him!