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MLS Salaries Released: Thoughts On Rapids Numbers

The MLS Players Union released the salaries of every player in the league today, and there are some interesting numbers on the Rapids side of things.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY

As they do a few times a season, the MLS Players Union released the league's salaries today. You can find them all right here.

Here's a few thoughts on the numbers provided:

* Highest paid player on the team is Edson Buddle, earning a tidy $275,000 from the team. He's still significantly cheaper than Conor Casey was, and isn't eating up allocation money by earning a Designated Player salary that the team slices down. (When I said that the Buddle signing was essentially to just get a cheaper Casey, I meant it.) The team as a whole is rather frugal this season, with only three players earning $200,000 or more base salary. (Buddle, Drew Moor, Marvell Wynne.)

* Martin Rivero got a 50% pay raise over the off-season, earning $75,000 this season. If the Rapids ever sign him to a long-term deal, I reckon that his price will end up being quite a bit higher. Until then, continue to revel in the fact that our playmaker is so cheap!

* If there are two contracts that the team might want to look over, I'd say they would belong to Atiba Harris and Danny Mwanga. Neither has been incredibly effective this season, yet they are two of the highest paid players on the team.

* Underrated note in the Clint Irwin vs. Matt Pickens debate: Matt is making over five times as much money as Clint is. Unless he earns that starting job back right away, you might not see Pickens wearing burgundy for much longer.

* As expected, Conor Casey ended up taking a rather large pay cut when he left Colorado, earning $175,000 with Philly this season. Hilariously, that's only $60,000 more than Wells Thompson is making with the Fire.