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Colorado Rapids vs. Toronto FC - Goat Of The Match Vote

Who was the worst on the field for Colorado against Toronto FC?


Colorado looked very good for the majority of their game against Toronto FC, but that doesn't mean we can't find a Goat of the Match.

I've got three guys in mind:

Kamani Hill - Oh, Kamani. Just about everyone wants you to get more playing time, but you're never going to get it if you put in that sort of performance in your second start. He couldn't find his way into any space, rarely took on defenders effectively and provided absolutely nothing before Edson Buddle came on for him. Hopefully he can redeem himself in his next appearance, lest he find himself on the black hole of the bench again.

Brian Mullan - Brian was an absolute turnover machine yesterday, and a lot of those giveaways weren't in particularly good spots for the Rapids. Had a few clumsy challenges as well. His offensive contributions were also just about nil, which has usually been the redeeming quality on his less adept defensive evenings.

Danny Mwanga - For every good build up that Danny seems to start, he seems to have an equally terrible touch at the end to screw it up. It seemed that Danny couldn't do anything right on Saturday night, and he is still desperately seeking that first Rapids goal.

Who was your Goat?