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The Daily Wave: Can Brown Become The Next Henry?

Can Deshorn Brown someday develop the skills that Theirry Henry has? Time can only tell.


Deshorn Brown is no Thierry Henry. Big statement I know, but all we need to do is look at last week's games to see this. Deshorn Brown had multiple chances on goal but lacked the vision to finish.

In that play we see Marvell Wynne start a play that ends with Brown going one with a Chivas USA defender. The build up of the play showed a lot of what the Rapids were able to do against Chivas. Wynne drove the ball forward where he passed it to Edson Buddle who dumped it off to Deshorn Brown. Brown drove the ball against a Chivas defender and while his foot work led to an eventual shot; he lacked the vision to chip the ball over Keeper Dan Kennedy.

If you look at the video closely you can see Brown looking at the ball and the ground in front of him rather than to where he was going to go with the ball. Had Brown lifted his head he would have seen Kennedy coming out to stop him. He then would have been able to touch the ball to the near post or to chip the ball over Kennedy.

Fans have watched Brown struggle to finish all year. He has shown flashes of being able to do a lot, but with his inability to finish the Rapids have been struggling to score more than 1 goal per game. Brown could learn a lot from New York Red Bulls forward Thierry Henry. Henry is obviously in a class all of his own but the goal he scored against the Columbus Crew on Sunday is something that Brown should be able to learn from.

RBNY's Tim Cahill played a long ball to a streaking Henry who was able to one touch the ball over Crew 'keeper Andy Gruenebaum. These are the types of plays that we have seen from Brown. Granted, here again there was great build up from the Red Bulls, and the Rapids haven't seen a lot of this type of play this year, but with some film study and some more team play like the Rapids showed on Saturday, Brown should be able to use his innate abilities to start finishing more and more chances on goal.