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Colorado Rapids May Preview - This Time, With Feeling

Can Colorado come away with a winning record in two straight months? The schedule isn't particularly unkind to them in May.


The fortunate thing about the early schedule for the Rapids is that there isn't much fixture congestion, which would probably kill a lesser team with the same injury woes that we've faced. Coming out of a sometimes-bright April that saw the team go 2-1-1, May might end up being the first big step for the Rapids in clawing their way back up to the playoff spots.

Another 2-1-1 campaign would certainly not hurt matters, especially with two pretty tough road games sandwiching what should be two easy home affairs. It's going to depend on health, of course, and if any more important players go down long-term we might start to see a slip from the incredible resilience they've shown thus far. Going into May though, I have to assume that eventually the Soccer Gods will give us a break.

Here's our May slate:

May 4th vs. Toronto FC - Though they started the season strong, Toronto are in dire straights as of now. They lost 6-0 in their last game and have been allowing late game-winners and game-tiers all season long, with April being a particularly bad month. There is no reason that Colorado shouldn't be able to find three points against Toronto. Then again, I said that last time they were here and it ended up being a god-awful 0-0 draw.

May 11th @ Columbus Crew - Just as they were last year, the Crew are a hard team to parse for me. They've clearly got a squad of above average talent, especially on the attack. Their defense is good, if not flashy. Yet, they've dropped a few results they probably should have won this season and have a 3-2-3 record, which I feel is below their talent level. Regardless, the Rapids will likely lose this one just because they always get decimated by the Crew at Crew Stadium, just as the Crew always get destroyed when they come to DSGP. It's a wonderful little trade-off.

May 18th @ San Jose Earthquakes - To say that Colorado did not play well against the Earthquakes last year would be an understatement the size of Caleb Folan's tattoo bill. San Jose scored 72 goals last year, and 10 of them came against the dire Rapids. Fortunately, the unsustainable horseshit that they were pulling last year has finally stopped and sent them crashing back down to Earth. I daresay that Colorado should be able to pull a draw out of Buck Shaw, because they're a better team than they were last year while San Jose are far more mortal.

May 25th vs. Chivas USA - This is going to be an incredibly interesting one, assuming that current trends continue to trend. The Rapids were able to escape Carson with a victory against a Chivas team that was high-flying at the time. Now, Chivas has started to cool down a bit and the results aren't coming quite as hard and fast for Chelis' side. Trends look to favor the Rapids at DSGP in late May, if that remains the case.

May Prediction: 2-1-1