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Rumor: Rapids To Play Santos Laguna In A Friendly?

According to the ABQ Journal, the Rapids are playing Santos Laguna on July 12th in a friendly in Albuquerque.


So, you guys like Rapids rumors? Actually, I guess this isn't really a rumor so much as only one source saying something that I'd figure other sources would have liked to hear about, but whatever. Apparently there's a friendly coming against a very familiar Mexican team, if a news website from Albuquerque is to be believed.

It seems that we've been scheduled for a friendly against former CONCACAF Champions League opponent Santos Laguna on July 12th, at least according to the ABQ Journal.

Now, we've gotten no confirmation from any other source that this is going on, but they seem pretty sure that there has been an agreement in principle, even though 'no contracts have been signed'. There's no venue listed yet, and in fact the only thing that seems to be set in stone is that tickets are '$17 and up'.

According to the article, "Our dream is in three or four years to have the champion of Mexico play the champion of MLS in Albuquerque every year on national television in two countries." Why they're using the Rapids in that equation confuses me, but that's like, the last thing I'm confused about here.

I'm not quite sure what to make of this one, since a quick google search pulls up pretty much nothing else on the subject. So yay friendlies, maybe?