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The Daily Wave: May Notes

The Colorado Rapids finished May undefeated in MLS competition. How excited should Rapids fans get? How have expectations changed? What should fans look forward to in June?


With the Colorado Rapids getting a result in every game except one since mid-March, it's fun to write about the Rapids right now. The only two teams in better form are the New York Red Bulls and the Portland Timbers. The latter not having lost since March 9th. Here's a look back at May and a look forward to June. If you're a Stewart Ceus apologist then stop reading right now because you will not understand my points.

- Having the entire line-up was great while it lasted before Martin Rivero went out due to injury late in the first half during the 2-0 Rapids victory over Chivas USA. If his infamous half-time speeches are already wearing thin, Chelis might be a one and done with the Goats. Luckily the Cult of Chelis can point to D.C. United and Toronto F.C. as having a worse run of luck lately. Great news for the Rapids is it looks like they can still compete without Rivero. Having DeShorn Brown healthy is more important this year in the table anyway.

- June will be a tougher test for the Rapids as they have a tough test early against western conference leader the hoops of F.C. Dallas. Then the month concludes with three match, ten day road trip with stops in Portland, Chicago and Montreal. After June's schedule we will know what the Rapids are all about.

- It's only happened twice but every rematch that Colorado has had this year the Rapids came away with a victory. (Salt Lake and Chivas) Considering the margin of defeat in the first game of the year in Dallas was a Stewart Ceus "howler", I feel like the Rapids can compete at home against the hoops with a mostly full line-up. Certainly a notch above what they fielded in the first game against Dallas.

- Speaking of Steward Ceus, every game he has played in, the Rapids have lost. That is the only stat that should be considered. When Clint Irwin plays with the same ten men, the results have been night and day. I imagine if Matt Pickens were ready he would have played in the U.S. Open match against Orlando City.

- Expectations before the season were to build the core of the team and hope for a playoff spot. After the emergence of Deshorn and hitting the lottery on Irwin, I think the fans should expect a top three finish in the Western Conference table. The Rapids have competed with their creative play-making style in every game this year. We haven't had a multiple goal loss all season. The Rapids haven't given up three against anybody so far and no other team can say that. Every game this season has been a one goal game going into the second half. With the Rapids earning 2-nil victories in their last two wins they are actually increasing the margin of victory as of lately. The Rapids have competed well with every team so far. These signs bode well for the chances of the team this year. It feels like something special is happening this season in Colorado.