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Colorado Rapids 2 Chivas USA 0 - Convincing Enough

We expected Colorado to take down Chivas USA on Saturday, and their 2-0 win was certainly not a bad display.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY

Was there ever any doubt that the Rapids were going to pull out a victory on Saturday night against Chivas USA? Perhaps there might have been a bit after the near-horror show that was the Toronto FC game, but Colorado quelled the worries early on and had no troubles dispatching the Goats in a 2-0 victory.

Atiba Harris decided to use his 10 allotted minutes of decent playing time (I kid because I care) right all at the start, making several decent runs -- a few of which he screwed up the finishing on as usual -- before finally getting a wide open look that he had no troubles putting past Dan Kennedy. He disappeared for just about the entire match after that, but the job was done, the Rapids had the early lead and there was no looking back.

With the goal, the Rapids were able to keep their heads up despite what was, all told, not a very impressive first half. Both teams were plagued by midfield turnovers and all-around bad play through the ranks, but Chivas never looked like they were going to mount much of a threat on Clint Irwin's net, save for a set piece or two that came close but missed the target.

After half-time, the Rapids seemed far more pumped up and ready for the task at hand. They took control of the game early on, let Chivas turn the ball over naturally and launched some very effective counter attacks through Deshorn Brown and later, Kamani Hill. Dillon Powers was forced onto the field with Martin Rivero suffering a foot injury late in the first half, and his strong presence on the ball was useful as usual.

Colorado finally put the game beyond all doubt in the 78th minute with a Deshorn Brown run that saw him get to the byline essentially untouched. Nathan Sturgis made a great run into the box, and Brown's ball to him saw nobody in the way. 2-0 Rapids, and game over.

This pulls Colorado's unbeaten streak to five straight, with a few more home games coming up. Those games being against FC Dallas and San Jose mean that this is the perfect time for the hot Rapids to pull together some all-important playoff points as we hit the halfway point of the season.