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The Daily Wave: The Struggles Of Deshorn

Is Deshorn ever going to understand the solo striker position? Will he always need support? Is the word "finish" ever going to make it's way into his vocabulary?

Douglas C. Pizac-USA Today Sports

There is excitement surrounding the young rookie Deshorn Brown whenever he sets foot onto the pitch. The speed at which he plays the game is nearly unmatchable. I would call it "flash-like" abilities. His skill set is extremely diverse, though it is clear that nothing is polished, especially his ability to finish. Every match we watch, awaiting his breakout game that hasn't come. I will admit, it may be too early to judge this, but as of now, it's repeatedly the same.

Brown makes run after run, and every time it brings fans to the edge of their seats. We all sense it. The potential, the ceiling he has. Fans hope and wish that he would breakout and be the striker he should be. But it seems he has made very little improvement as a solo striker. There's no denying the fact that his speed and ability to beat the defense is immaculate and may be the one polished part of his game. But when he receives the ball at full speed, it seems that he's not able to handle the ball properly leaving him with an oddly targeted shot, or none at all. It's rare that another Rapid is near him since no other player except Marvel Wynne can keep up with him, which leaves no rebound off a blocked shot, or anyone to dump it to.

We saw a fine example of this in the last match against San Jose when the Rapids played a 4-2-3-1. Brown showed his youth missing shots and finding himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. We saw him burn past the defense on several different occasions, but with no success. Shots went wide, the ball mishandled, and rare support behind him. His ability for traffic control is lacking, and it leaves the only thing the defense has to do is close in on him.

Don't get me wrong, Brown shows an extreme amount of potential, but at this point into his very young career, he's much better finding himself in the right position in the box and burning the defense that way. Making runs on corner kicks and crosses. Brown seems to be much more successful when a player like Edson Buddle can hold traffic and dump the ball to him leaving him open for a streak with little to no traffic.

This is not meant to be a Brown bashing session, we must keep in mind that he is only a rookie and will exponentially get better. I see potential in him with unfathomable ceiling. He has the skillset to be the single striker on top, but must learn to control himself when he's on his own. He is exciting and has a wonderful future playing professionally. In my opinion he has the inherent ability to be a top striker in this league, he must work on polishing those abilities, specifically finishing and receiving the ball. Brown is a scary player that all defenses have to account for leaving other players open for scoring opportunities. With starters returning, and Buddle most likely starting along side him, we could see a drastic improvement this week against Chivas, and possibly that breakout game we've all been waiting for, then it's all downhill from there.

Brown is the future of the Rapids striking core, and I do believe he will be everything we wish and want him to be. Fans just have to endure the rookie road from the NCAA to the MLS, which, as we all know, is a steep learning curve. But I assure you, he'll get there.