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Jaime Castrillon Receiving U.S. Residency

Jaime Castrillon coming back to the team is pretty good news. Castrillon getting a green card might be even better.

Brandon Wade

Colombian midfielder Jaime Castrillon's nose for goal has been missed this season for the Colorado Rapids, but he is reportedly near return after being cleared for training. That's not the best part that I gleaned from this post on, though -- Jaime is getting U.S. Residency!

That's pretty good news, and it'll help keep the team from being absolutely deadlocked when it comes to international slots in the future. He joins Jamie Smith as a green card holder on the team, which means that he won't take up a slot any more, counting as an American player for the intents and purposes of MLS roster rules.

Having a guy who has proven he can score goals on the team without taking a slot up isn't going to hurt matters either, of course. Castrillon scored a team-leading eight goals last year, and his presence certainly couldn't hurt the at-times anemic offense we've seen this season.