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With Chivas & Orlando On The Docket, It's The Perfect Week For A Healthier Rapids Squad

The Rapids play two games in four days this week, and their players are getting healthy at just the right time.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY

For the first time this season, we're going to see two Colorado Rapids games fewer than a week apart when they play Chivas USA and Orlando City SC next Saturday and Tuesday. Fortunately, the squad has started to recover from Injury Hell 2013™ and may have a nearly full-health squad by the time the game on Tuesday against Orlando comes around.

Most of the injuries that they've been suffering recently have been minor knocks and not two-month death-blows, but it's still nice to hear that they're nearly there. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if, other than a few exceptions, all but a couple players were available to pick and choose for Oscar Pareja between the two games.

German Sferra let us know earlier on twitter that the only player not doing any work on the field was Diego Calderon. Edson Buddle returns from suspension against Chivas USA, so the striker corps are essentially at 100% right now. (Charles Eloundou totally doesn't count.) There's been no update on Jaime Castrillon, but I wouldn't be surprised if, assuming he's well enough to get on the field at all, we see him for a couple of minutes against the Lions in the Open Cup. (Note: Oscar Pareja saying he'll be learning his touch again for one or two weeks makes that seem a lot more unlikely. Damn.)

Dillon Powers and Brian Mullan will both be back from a week off, as well.

Shane O'Neill being out with suspension might not be a problem either, since Chris Bianchi confirmed that German Mera was at practice as well. Already on a red-hot pace, this should be the time when the Rapids show MLS what they're really made of. Getting two wins this week with the ability to pick and choose their deep squad would help matters out immensely.