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The Rapids All-Injured Starting XI

Just how injured have the Rapids been this season? Well, you could put together a pretty damn good starting XI out of the guys who have missed time.


We're already all aware that the injury situation that the Rapids have faced this season has been absolutely farcical. Murphy's Law has taken a shining to the Rapids, and that's left just about every single player on the team with some manner of injury as we've gone along.

I don't think we need to hear just how bad it is over and over again, but I noticed something yesterday while preparing for this weekend's Toronto FC game: you could actually put together a nearly all first-choice starting XI out of the injured names we've seen this season. Behold:

Deshorn Brown - Edson Buddle

Jaime Castrillon - Martin Rivero - Kevin Harbottle

Pablo Mastroeni - Hendry Thomas

Anthony Wallace - Diego Calderon - Marvell Wynne

Matt Pickens

Other than the fact that Oscar Pareja probably won't be playing a 3-5-2 any time soon, Drew Moor being absent is about the only problem I would have with that starting XI if everyone on the team was in full health. Welp.