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Colorado Rapids 1 San Jose Earthquakes 1 - As Expected

San Jose beat up the Rapids and the refs had a say in a 1-1 final, which is pretty much what everyone expected on Saturday night.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Well, if you weren't expecting that sort of game in San Jose, I don't know what to tell you. I predicted a crap-ass 1-1 draw before the match, and that's pretty much exactly what I got.

As per usual, San Jose entered their match looking to hold the Rapids at bay via physical play and hard defending, and it worked for most of the match. There's a reason that both teams only finished about 300 passes all match and possession was just about evenly split down the middle. Colorado started with a slightly weakened squad, with Brian Mullan and Dillon Powers both missing for the first time this season. (Edson Buddle was out as well, due to suspension.)

It didn't seem to matter that the Rapids were fielding a slightly lesser squad than usual, because they came out firing at all cylinders right out of the gate. San Jose's hard-nosed tactics didn't seem to phase them, they were attacking right from the outset.

Martin Rivero finally got his first assist of the season in the 26th minute, with the first goal of the match being swatted into the net by Nathan Sturgis on a corner kick. Sturgis' first goal of the season was a great one, tapped in with his foot on a leaping play. Colorado held that lead for a good while, going into the second half with the lead and holding it very well.

As expected, San Jose got a goal late on with a free kick that never should have been. Shane O'Neill getting a yellow card on the foul was absolutely ridiculous, and there was an argument that it was never a foul in the first place. Either way, a free kick was given right in front of the box and Martin Chavez, who MLS mysteriously decided to reduce the suspension of this week, put in a free kick that Clint Irwin most likely should have covered a bit better.

Later on, Shane went knee to knee in front of the box, and that was the end of his game.

Referee Ricardo Salazar pulled a straight red (surprisingly, since Shane was on a yellow and you would have expected him to get his second yellow in that case with the rather tame foul that was committed) and sent O'Neill off, but it didn't end up affecting the final result. 1-1 was your final, and I'm sure that most Rapids fans will tell you they're plenty happy to escape out of the meat grinder that is San Jose with a point and no major injuries in the end.