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Rapids' First Potential Open Cup Opponents Revealed

Colorado will either face Orlando City or Ocala in their first US Open Cup match on May 28th.

Al Messerschmidt

Both the Colorado Rovers and the Real Colorado Foxes have been knocked out of the US Open Cup already -- both by the Georgia Revolution, who apparently have some sort of anti-Colorado hoodoo about them -- but the highest class team in the state is still yet to take their first kick in the tournament. We learned their two potential opponents on Wednesday: Orlando City of the USL or the Ocala Stampede of the PDL, the same level that the Foxes play in.

The two will face off in a second round match on May 21st, with the winner taking on the Rapids in the third round, when MLS teams enter the fray. Rapids fans will want to root for Ocala, not just because they are a lower division side than Orlando and probably an easier opponent, but because a Stampede win will mean the Rapids will host the third-round affair. It would be Colorado's first Open Cup game in Colorado in ages.