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Colorado Rapids Thugcast Episode 38: Facebook Meltdown Edition

This week's podcast includes highlights such as the Toronto win recap, Facebook meltdowns, and predictions on the upcoming Columbus game.

After almost a two month hiatus, the Rapids Thugcast is back! Hooray!

Here's some highlight's of this week's episode:

  • Recap of the 1-0 Toronto win, and plenty of talk about the players that are returning to the field after the injury spat of the decade finally started to calm down.
  • Fabulously hilarious meltdowns at the Rapids Facebook Page, to the point where even the Rapids account itself was deleting stupid posts.
  • The upcoming game against Columbus on the weekend, featuring rather lousy predictions since the Rapids rarely win in Ohio. (Also, UZ totally meant to say 'Brian Carroll' when he said 'Chad Marshall. Whoops.)

Click the image below to check out this week's Thugcast!