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The Daily Wave: A Random Smattering Of Randomness

In a totally lazy and inexcusable move, the Daily Wave fails to come up with an interesting topic and instead provides a stream of conscious list of random thoughts from Saturday night's game against Salt Lake City.


The Daily Wave is a slice of opinion from a Burgundy Wave contributor, released every weekday morning.

Burgundy Wave's new-ish Daily Wave feature has produced some really good articles over the past few weeks. As a relatively new player in the blogging game, what has impressed me most is the original topics contributors are coming up with each week. I've particularly liked "Are We Getting Te'o'd?" by BKsmalls21, "It's A Trolls Life For Me," by rockycoors, and "Rapids Fans Need Happy Pills," by Alex Petri. All ideas I wish I had come up with to write about. Way to go new contributors, you guys are killing it.

(And as an aside, this experience has also made me all the more appreciative of the prolific contributions from Chris, who was churning out a crazy number of articles long before any of us got here.)

Anywho, because it can be hard to come up with a good topic each week, I'm going to totally take a cop out this week and just give you some of the random thoughts that popped into my head during the game against Salt Lake City's in-no-way-royal soccer team on Saturday night.

-Edson Buddle's hold-up play on Atiba Harris' goal was truly a thing of beauty. But is it just me, or does Mr. Buddle look like he is carrying around a few extra pounds? Perhaps it was just an optical illusion created by those fancy form fitting jerseys we are sporting now. He's been fighting his way through knee problems so far this season, so a little lack of fitness isn't surprising, but man, did he look a little large in the gut area.

-Two weeks ago, I singled out Chris Klute as doing a good job coming off the bench against the LA Galaxy. On Saturday, he was a whole lot of "meh" in my opinion. It wasn't that his defending was poor, it was that he couldn't help the team hold possession for his life. Far too often he was just hoofing the ball up the line, even when not put under pressure. He'll need to tighten that up if he wants to become a part of the starting eleven after we get over this injury bug.

-Speaking of Chris Klute, I spent a good part of the first half wondering if the equipment manager gave him a pair of shorts a couple sizes too small. But then I realized that, in Pablo Mastroeni's absence, Klute is filling the role of "Colorado Rapids player who wears the smallest sized shin guards permitted by the laws of the game." Those little shin guards and socks really made it look like he was paying tribute to the 80's short shorts look.

-For those of us who watched the game on NBC Sports, we were treated to Kyle Martino butchering DeShorn Brown's name throughout the first half. Martino kept referring to Desean Brown. I know these guys have a lot to keep track of during a game, but it's seems like first and last name should be the bare minimum of what they get right.

-Anyone know the deal with Atiba Harris' wrist bandage? I'm pretty sure he has worn it every game this year. Is this an actual injury he is treating, or is it some sort of fashion statement/superstition? If it really is an injury, it seems like the slowest healing sprained wrist in the history of sports.

-I'm really liking Jamie Smith in his super-sub role. He obviously scored a goal in a substitute appearance against Philadelphia, and he made a really positive contribution when he came in against Salt Lake City. Not only did he help hold possession to kill off the game, but he also had a goal scoring chance or two.

-I really, really want to make a joke about Sebastian Velasquez's hair, but I've decided it's actually too absurd to mock. Call me old or out of touch, but how does any human being think that actually looks good? I mean, it's intentional, right? He's actually going to someone and asking them to make his hair look that way. I'm just dumbfounded.

How about you, fair reader? Any random thoughts pop into your head while watching the game?