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The Daily Wave: A Sign Of Things To Come

Soccer's popularity is growing. How do we know this, and what does this mean?

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

The tides they are a changing. Or so it would seem. Even after last weeks laughable article by Mark Knudson, soccer fandom in Denver has clearly seen growth. Going back just to last year and you would be hard pressed to find any soccer talk on the Denver airwaves; other than From the Pitch with Cello Balboa, and Drew Moor’s weekly appearance on 93.7 Mile High Sports Radio.

Last fall the Rapids gained another voice on the Denver airwaves in the form of myself and Moss; as our show A View From The South Stands started to air on This show is largely from a fan perspective but has a lot of insight as well. Along with the Thugcast here on Burgundy Wave, the voice of Rapids fans is growing along with the presence of the Rapids here in Denver.

Starting this season the Rapids presence on Denver airwaves has grown even more with shows on 104.3 the Fan starting to promote Rapids games, talk more about soccer (i.e. the US Mens National Team game at Dicks) and having Rapids players on their shows. In previous years on 104.3 the Rapids and soccer in general were looked as a second class sports, with hosts on the station refusing to acknowledge the Rapids championship in 2010, let alone promote upcoming games.

This is changing now! And that is a good thing. More stations and shows talking about the Rapids means that more people are going to learn about this sport that we already love. More people are going to be educated about what is going on in Major League Soccer, and more people are going to start to come to DSGP.

With the media starting to cover soccer more and more in Denver we as fans need to start holding them accountable for their reporting. We want more than just fluff pieces. We want articles, commentary, and interviews that are real and true. Every station and paper in town was calling out the Rockies last year. We need to make sure that we get that type of reporting.